Choosing between aftermarket and OE quality

Is the aftermarket part really any worse than the OE quality part? Considering the price difference does it really matter?

Well, for one thing there are good aftermarket parts and there are bad aftermarket parts. But how do you really know the difference.

Even if you are qualified in the field of thermodynamics and heat transfer you would still be well advised to stick with a supplier who is experienced in the field and who has a track record of supplying only quality parts. Nevertheless there are a few things which should be kept in mind when buying an aftermarket intercooler and the question that really needs to be answered is whether the apparently cheapest solution is really the cheapest in the long run.

In order to help you to make the right decision, consider the below :
a) The intercooler core design is of paramount importance in the parts ability to do its job correctly. While the core of one intercooler may look no different from another on the face of it, in reality the actual differences in the core design may cause an otherwise identical intercooler to perform at a level of more than 35% below that of the correct part. This will cause the charge air entering the engine to be at a higher temperature meaning that it will also be less dense. This will lead to power and efficiency losses in the engine with the net result being that it will use more fuel. You will thus end up paying for the cheaper intercooler each time you stop at the pumps to refuel.

b) If the intercooler is a lot cheaper then there is often a good reason for that. Aside from legitimate reasons such as producing parts in countries providing cheaper labor the next most popular way of making a cheaper component is by reducing the amount of materials used for making the part and/or lowering the specifications of the materials used for this. The result is a part that will have a lower lifespan than the part made at the higher specification level in addition to the performance penalty incurred. A good quality aftermarket intercooler should not rely on such means of achieving a lower price.

c) If you do need to save on cost then it may possible (depending on the intercooler construction), to recore an intercooler. This is mostly done on heavy trucks and is not as common on lighter applications.

At Silverton Radiators we are in most instances able to supply the same parts you will get over the counter from the Motor dealers themselves i.e the OE quality items. This is because we are ourselves part of a group of major OE manufacturers and we therefore have direct access to their parts. Furthermore we are able to source from most other OE manufacturers in the industry. You therefore get the best there is at a fair price.

In addition to the original parts we sell, we are in certain instances able to provide you with the choice of a quality, value for money alternative on some of the popular applications. Rest assured that we have thoroughly qualified these parts to ensure that they are able to perform at the required level. In the unfortunate event that you do need an intercooler replacement, don’t allow any old cheap quality grey or no-name product to be fitted to your vehicle. For quality you can depend on, always insist on Behr Hella Service quality!

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