Choosing between aftermarket and OE quality

If it looks the same it must work the same, right? Hey, what does it matter it is so much cheaper anyway.

Sadly the above rings true for the way that not only a good number of motorists may reason but also a good number of service providers/parts retailers as well. And in tough economic times it is understandable since everybody needs to make the Rands and cents go a lot further than before. But as always the question remains whether the cheapest solution is really the cheapest in the long run. In order to help you to make the right decision, consider the below :

a) The radiator core design is of paramount importance in the parts ability to do its job correctly. While the core of one radiator may look no different from another on the face of it, in reality the actual differences in the core design may cause an otherwise identical radiator to perform at a level of more than 35% below that of the correct part.

b) If the radiator is a lot cheaper then there is often a good reason for that. Aside from legitimate reasons such as sourcing from factories having lower labor costs etc, one of the more popular ways of doing so is by reducing the amount of materials used for making the part and/or lowering the specifications of the materials used for this. The result is a part that will have a lower lifespan than the part made at the higher specification level.

c) Modern radiators are normally made of aluminium. Whilst this has many advantages it is also sensitive to the way it is used and when fitted into a poorly maintained cooling system it can fail in a short space of time. Ask yourself why did the original part fail? If the cause of that failure is not rectified then a replacement part will fail for exactly the same reason. The reason for such a failure will not always be apparent and it is therefore important to ensure that fitment is done by a qualified service provider who knows what to look for. The replacement part is ultimately also only as good as its installation.

d) A failure in the cooling system can very well result in an overheated engine which will cost you a fortune to repair. When you balance the potential cost of an engine repair, does the cheaper radiator still have the same appeal?

Consider also that it is not necessary for the cooling system to actually break down before the engine can overheat, it is only necessary for the system to be running below the required level and you could pick up serious damage.

At Silverton Radiators we are in most instances able to supply the same parts you will get over the counter from the Motor dealers themselves. This is because we are ourselves part of a group of major OE manufacturers and we therefore have direct access to their parts. Furthermore we are able to source from most other OE manufacturers in the industry. You therefore get the best there is at a fair price. In addition to the original parts we sell, we are able to provide you with the choice of a quality, value alternative on most popular applications. Rest assured that we have thoroughly qualified these parts to ensure that they are able to perform at the required level. In the unfortunate event that you do need a radiator replacement, don’t allow any old cheap quality grey product to be fitted to your vehicle. Always insist on Behr Hella Service – quality you can depend on!

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